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Wholeness is a journey; it is a continual unfolding. We are consistently working on growing and realizing that helps us to embrace the truth: We are all works in progress. The encouragement to seek unity within through growth and balance.

Three convergent rays of light, like paths, leading the ascent to higher thinking and a higher state of being. These are the three pillars of life: Mind, body, and Soul. At the top of the paths are the three phases of the moon representing the maiden, mother and elder. I interpret it as a symbol of the generations of women that have come before us, the mothers of our mothers that have all fought, loved, and cried to get you to you. Our lunar legacy, our birth right to reach our full potential. Our path to becoming whole. They all lead to a higher state of being.

The Crescent was chosen for its Latin root, crescere, to grow. As the moon changes phases, so do we, and we must make a constant effort to grow in the right direction. Focus on what is impacting and fueling changes in your life that allow you to realize all facets of yourself.

The Snake

The Snake is valued as a talisman of rejuvenation. In order to grow, it must shed its skin. Shown with the triangle, coupling rejuvenation with transformation. This, I realize, is the journey of becoming comfortable with who you are deep down inside. Some things get left behind such as how a snake sheds its skin, new ideas are embraced.

The Ouroboros

The ancient symbol of Ouroboros, the snake whose tail and head meet to form a complete circle, represents infinity the constant loop of growth and rejuvenation. Each change helps us grow and gets us closer to our real self.

"Wholeness is a journey; it is a continual unfolding. We are consistently working on growing and realizing that helps us to embrace the truth."

- Creative Director, Beth Hutchens

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Our Wholeness collection features handcrafted 18-karat gold medallions, crests, necklaces, stud earrings, and bands that represent your capacity for growth or change. Tell your story with timeless symbols like the crescent moon, the sparrow, or Nature’s four elements and combine different pieces in meaningful ways.
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