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Studio & Store

The FoundRae flagship store opened in Manhattan, New York City, in March 2018. We didn’t want to just open a jewelry store. We wanted to create a comfortable yet inspiring environment that was a reflection of just how personal this collection is to us.

As of September 2023, we opened our second door in residence with The Conservatory in Dallas, Texas. The 500 square foot jewelry box is like a small map room within the cocoon of a great library. The intimate space provides a cozy well of inspiration & limitless tools to create your next modern heirloom.

With both stores, our goal is the same...we want everyone to feel comfortable coming in & to leave feeling inspired; whether it's with their new piece or a borrowed book. The inspiration is two-way.

FoundRae Studio & Showroom
52 Lispenard Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 (844)-731-0808

FoundRae at The Conservatory
4 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX 75205
+1 (682) 419-2148

Client Care / +1 (844)-731-0808

<p>FoundRae Flagship & Studio/ New York, NY</p>

FoundRae Flagship & Studio/ New York, NY

The landmarked, cast-iron structure that houses the FoundRae flagship was originally constructed in 1867. One of the original wooden support beams functions as the “foundation” of the stairway that leads from the studio to the expansive street level space. The store is an eclectic mix of antique and vintage pieces, contemporary art, and custom artisan craftsmanship.

The original inspiration of the design was to create a residential library; the type of library that includes the collections of many generations of family members but continues to be alive with new additions. I wanted the FoundRae flagship to feel very personal, welcoming; so much so that I put my personal book collection on the shelves and the books on the bottom two shelves can be checked out: it’s a lending library.

The storied collection of items looks as if it was collected over long periods of time because, in fact, it was. Each item has a story, from the pencil sketch of a tree that my dad’s college roommate drew him, the 1930’s oversized dictionary that always centered my living room, a painting of a dandelion that I made when I was 10. These personal items along with commissioned artworks by Tyler Hayes of BDDW, and ceramic sculptures that line the walls, create an inspiring space that you lose track of time in. 

Our in-house studio with three bench jewelers and a hand-engraver has a large viewing window that allows us to see every day the personal stories that our customers create. We thrive on that interaction and are inspired by our customers every day.

<p>FoundRae at The Conservatory/ Dallas, TX</p>

FoundRae at The Conservatory/ Dallas, TX

All stories have a beginning and this one starts with a tiny but tall, three-story space, in Dallas. It was intended to be an elevator shaft but was never converted into one. It’s had many lives under the stewardship of Brian Bolke, first as a floral shop and most recently as an annex of the Conservatory and, as of September 2023, it will be the Dallas home of FoundRae. 

A few of the things that inspire me the most led to this collaboration: the capacity that each one of us (and every space!) has for transformation and growth, the beautiful friendships we develop from sharing our stories and the depth they give to our lives and the opportunity to create pockets of discovery. 

The design of the space is based around the tangible result of my creative process and what I refer to as “menageries”. Each collection starts with the notes in my journal, bits of collected ephemera, books and vintage objects.  The ideas build and grow until they are ultimately expressed in 18 kt gold as part of our fine jewelry collection. 

Accentuating the ceiling height, is a pair of 19th century clock tower clock hands that doesn’t actually keep time because this is the kind of place where you would want to lose track of time. And because the Conservatory is a lifestyle concept, we decided to expand our offering of Vertu, collectible objects, to also include Strong Heart candlesticks, a brass chain mirror, and a curated collection of house accessories culled by us both. 

Like the New York City store, the shelves are lined with books. I wanted to maintain the connection to a library room and what they infer: the idea of getting lost in a sea of inspiration, the cozy space for reflection it provides, but also their role in preservation.  Libraries protect and conserve history, information, stories... exactly as the symbols of the FoundRae collection do.  

<p>A Distinctive Experience</p>

A Distinctive Experience

Since the conception of FoundRae, we have seen the collection as tools for our customers to create a very personal reflection of themselves. We are hoping that the exploration of finding the symbols that resonate with you is a practice of both self-discovery & self-expression. Every part of the collection is conceived to give the customer the ability to customize the final look, so it is tailored specifically to tell their story, whether it’s adding a 2nd chapter to a necklace or the way a stack of rings is worn.

Our intention is that the final piece empowers the wearer and leads to meaningful exchanges. By offering custom work, we are offering our customers the ability to even further customize their collection by using our language of spiritual and mystical symbols as well as letters, numbers & gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece in a unique combination specific to them.