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Strength is within. It is an ever-present, internal force we all possess but need to call on.Strength can be expressed in many ways. One side of the spectrum could be described as more overt, direct, and outgoing whereas the other side is tempered with a quieter, more patient strength. We’ve chosen to represent each side of the spectrum by the symbols of a Lion and a Tiger. Both expressions of strength have value, validity and a place in our lives & how we express ourselves. I want to embrace the idea that we have both the Lion & Tiger inside each of us. The strength is there within us; Wisdom lies in where and how we express it.

Strength manifests within each person differently. Strength is taking a risk knowing you may not know the outcome. Strength is putting yourself first and remembering to listen to that voice within. Strength is finding the courage to be truthful to those around you and with yourself. Strength is a possibility for all. Be brave, be uncomfortable, find your strength.

Strength, the power that slumbers within us all. The voice that allows us to push through challenges without fear or hesitation. We all have it, but at times it wanes, and we need to make sure to remind ourselves that we can call on it. We can awaken the Lion and Tiger inside us.

The Lion

The Lion is characterized as the archetypal symbol of solar strength; full of action and overt power, nobility and authority. Strength is our friend that dives in even if it’s scary, or the person who always makes their voice heard and stands for what’s right.

The Tiger

The Tiger represents, Audemus, Dare to, a reminder that that introverted, lunar, and internal strength can also be called upon. This strength is often associated with being tempered yet fierce. The Tiger is tactical and stealthier in her technique. She waits for the right moment to strike. She knows when to hold and when to release her might.

“We fear the unknown more than the known. Strength doesn’t mean you’re free of fear, or uncertainty. Strength is acting with certainty in face of fear.”

- Creative Director, Beth Hutchens

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