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Resilience, withstanding adversity. Wild & Untamed, blossoms bloom in darkness. Likewise, we grow the most when we are challenged. Each challenge we face offers an opportunity to overcome. It is important that we realize that life is worth the pursuit, regardless of how dark our life may seem at times.

The ability to acknowledge the challenge and take away its power. You were able to overcome this, and you can overcome what follows. That hardship is what we must acknowledge, whatever obstacle inhibited us that we overcame. That’s what brings forth our resilience.

We can decide to overcome, it is an active choice, a hidden potential. However, we are unable to overcome without growth, and we cannot grow without acknowledgement. Non Invia Est Via, no road is impassable.

The Blossom

Blossoms, like the spade, are a symbol of abundance, however the blossom is a symbol of an untamed beauty. A beauty which grows from our darkest hour and overcomes said darkness. People are resilient, able to overcome all the obstacles thrown at them.

The Thorn

The Thorn represents the idea that one cannot enjoy the fruits of the blossoms without facing the thorns. You must make yourself vulnerable to the truth in order to grow from it. If we made ourselves impermeable to the sting of the thorn then we wouldn’t really be living, we wouldn’t be risking enough, loving enough. It takes wisdom and grace to have that realization.

"Not only do blossoms bloom against adversity, but they bloom in abundance, with wild abandon.”

- Creative Director, Beth Hutchens

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