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Illuminate Love : Holiday 2022

November 2022

Illuminate Love : Holiday 2022
This Holiday season, FoundRae is Illuminating Love...
The legacy of illuminated letters continues. Traditionally, illuminated manuscripts had painted images of precious metals, usually gold or silver, and added color that decorated handwritten books. The main function of illuminated manuscripts was to tell a story when most people including the ruling classes, were unable to read. The sheer beauty of the illustrated text communicated its import.  Additionally, many of the letters and borders had ornamentation, illustrations, drawing in the margins, and letters with engraved images inside them also known as historiated initials on illuminated pages.
These illuminated letter inspired our Holiday season. Each purchase this holiday season comes with an Illuminated Letter Bag tag for you to write a special note to your loved one creating a custom experience for your wrapping.  
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