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Being Seen: In-Store Experience

November 2022

Being Seen: In-Store Experience
Beginning November 17th, FoundRae will be offering a unique in-store experience in a tribute to the idea of being seen and illuminating love.
These eyes are a metaphor for “being seen”. The idea of being seen for who we really are and being loved all the more for it has been a real source of inspiration for me over the past year. When you take time to really consider what someone will delight in receiving, not only does the recipient feel cherished, but they feel recognized. Having the ability to choose the right piece is evidence that you know what makes them tick; that they have been seen.


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We will be offering a special gift in-store that you can either keep for yourself or give to a loved one.  We have created a modern version of Lovers’ Eyes portraits. We will photograph your eye or the eye of your loved one accompanying you and give it to you in a beautiful border ready for framing. 
The original inspiration is in reference to 18th-century “Lover’s Eyes” portraits. The story of their origin is that in 1784 the Prince of Wales (George IV to be) was in love with an older woman and sent her a unique token: a small painting of his eye by a celebrated miniaturist portrait artist.  After receiving the gift, she agreed to marry him and later gave him a matching gift of a painting of her own eye.  It sparked a trend of giving portraits of eyes as a secret commitment.



Our “Being Seen” portraits are placed within a frame with space to write an “Eye see” poem. Examples of the poems are as follows:


I see you.  I see you as a dark reckless foal, a young hungry wolf, a turbulent, fast spring mountain water, a gentle touch, a chopin senata, a stake in the ground, an Indian priestess. 


I see you.  I see you as a dark well of inspiration, like ink, that draws from an unfathomable, sensual, uncontainable space within. Each line etches a new path of possibility. 


I see me. I see me as a lioness, an Oak tree, a cliff by the seaside, a waterfall, clear and cold, a triangle of transformation. 


We see you. We see Catherine as golden sunlight that is shining brighter and brighter each day. 


You see me.  You see me as a leader; strong, a lioness, deep, passionate, and creative. I see myself as the one that bends to your will because I am putty beneath the warmth of your touch.