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Protection & Internal Compass Medium Mixed Belcher Extension Chain Necklace

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Protection & Internal Compass Medium Mixed Belcher Extension Chain Necklace


Handcrafted in 18-karat gold, and fused with green enamel, this 20" Medium Mixed Belcher Extension Chain Necklace symbolizes Protection and following one's own path. The horseshoe is a symbol of protection, particularly valued for the properties of the metal its made with, iron, that withstands the fires of adversity & negativity. The Compass represents the belief that life is a continual process of adjusting course to align better with our life purpose & beliefs.

  • Handcrafted in 18-karat gold
  • Measures 20" long
  • Medium Belcher chain necklace Gauge 4mm
  • Medium medallion measures 20mm
    • Diamond weight .022 carat
  • Small medallion measures 15mm 
    • Diamond weight: .06 carat
  • Half of the necklace is medium belcher at 9 links per inch
  • Half of the necklace is small belcher at 15 links per inch
  • The 1" extension is our heavy belcher link at 6 links per inch
  • Finished with a lobster clasp


This piece is derived from the Protection Tenet. We need protection from our own negative thoughts that prevent us from using our energy to build more productive and constructive aspects of our lives. Below are the symbols and their meanings.

  • Horseshoe The Horseshoe is a symbol of a shield of protection. We chose it as our symbol of Protection particularly due to the Metal it was originally made from; Iron. Iron is a strong metal that withstands fire, an appropriate metaphor for standing against the fire of adversity and negativity.
  • Horse n the face of adversity, the Latin word Invictus bolsters us. We can be hurt physically, financially, emotionally; yet our soul is unconquerable. “...I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. ...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. “ Invictus c. 1875 William Ernest Henley
  • Fire Symbol The divine triangle is associated with pyramids & sacred mountains; within the elements it is Fire, representing the journey of self discovery & transformation.
  • Scarab The scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Khepera, a form of the Sun God, who transforms inert matter into action, creates life and is a powerful protector.
  • Wheel Aether is light and solidarity.
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