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Amate - Love Malachite Stone Choker

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Amate - Love Malachite Stone Choker


This 16" choker is a modern alternative to the traditional chain. The continuous strand is composed of Malachite links made up of stone combined with 18-karat gold. Set with three-dimensional letters directly at the center. The letters of A-M-A-T-E are a ligature, combining the letters as one to form a single connected glyph.
Amate... Someone who is dearly loved, beloved, & treasured.

  • Handcrafted in stone and 18-karat gold
  • The necklace measured 16" long
  • Sold with mini crest soldered
  • Engraved with amate beloved on the back
  • Medallion measures 12mm
  • Diamond total .12 carat