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True Love is what makes our heart beat, and gives life meaning and purpose. Love endures, the permanence of love lies in the fusion of both the heart and the soul. Love is defined by all 7 Types... Philia: Friendship; Philautia: Self-love; Eros: Romantic Love; Agape: Universal love; Storge: The love between parents and children; Ludus: Playful love; Pragma: Love founded on duty & reason.

Imagine each type of love as a slice of a pie. Sometimes we cut of a bigger piece for our kids, for our lover, for our friends, and then we are left with a sliver of self-love or a sliver of playful love. It is important that we recognized that they are all equal, but we must remember that one person can’t give us all of it. It is up to us to check in with ourselves and feel the love, all 7 types.

Amate... beloved. It is truly a beautiful feeling to be seen by a loved one. To be reminded that we are truly loved. Sometimes we must remind ourselves that we are treasured. We need to feel loved by ourselves.

A True Lovers Knot

A True Lovers Knot, also known as Bowen’s Knot, is a Heraldic Knot representing the connectivity of true love. Love binds the heart forever. The four outer loops beseech support from the 4 corners of the world.

The Spark

It just takes a Spark to begin a lifelong journey of True Love. That warm sensation that starts inside of you when you lay eyes on your newborn, when you held hands with your high school crush, that feeling you get when you taste your mom’s cooking. That spark lives on in us and reminds us of all the beauty in the world.

"Forever & Always... perpetually & unceasingly bound"

- Creative Director, Beth Hutchens

Refined True Love

Show your emotions in a most authentic way with pieces from our True Love collection. This collection features heart-shaped love tokens, large medallions, extension chain necklaces, tiny tenet studs, and clip chain bracelets. Each modern heirloom helps you shares your story of love with the world
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