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Reverie: The Path to Joy

April 2022

Reverie: The Path to Joy

I’m so excited to share that we are celebrating the launch of our new collection, our 10th tenet, Reverie, the path to joy. 

Reverie is floating between reality, fantasy, and memory, to connect our conscious and unconscious, to seek out what lights us up, what gives us energy, what feeds our souls. Tonight is about elevating our positive energy, the catalyst of change, to reconnect and align with our souls to create joy.

Reverie is made of 4 symbols:

The butterfly: which is a symbol of an inextinguishable soul; is always drawn to light.

The three butterflies together is a triple butterfly triskele-which represents three winged souls of inspiration, the muses: Mneme (memory), Aiode (Music) and Melete (practice/occasion/dance) Together they incite us to daydream, to create, to celebrate. 

Tucked between the wings of each butterfly is the roman numeral 10, which represents manifestation and completion.  Each soul actualized. 

The Spade represents the idiom “in spades”, abundance, it’s the energy catalyst, the initiator.

And all of that leads to Omne Bonum: All Good things, the path to joy.  

Reverie:  these symbols, This night, the music, the dancing, it’s intended to evoke, rather than just describe, Joy.


Love & light,