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Insight to Design Process: Seal Gemstone, Colors

September 2021

Insight to Design Process: Seal Gemstone, Colors

Light and color. I am so excited to finally share the full in-color vision of our sealed gemstones. I designed the sealed gemstones and glassware collections at the same time with the idea that we would translate our love of color that we use in enamel to precious and semi-precious stones, but ultimately decided to hold back the variety of gemstones until we could get the color exactly right.



There is so much color variation within a single gemstone and it was a challenge to be able to find the right stones that were saturated in color but still have transparency and the right faceting that would allow light to allow our symbols and initials to be visible.  Presenting Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Prasiolite, Smokey Topaz and Citrine Sealed Gemstones. 


Love & Light,