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Hand Poured Ingots

April 2022

Hand Poured Ingots

For FoundRae's Earth Day Initiative we are partnering with Ethical Metalsmiths. Founded in 2004, Ethical Metalsmiths is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring responsibility in jewelry through its dedicated community, collaboration, education, resources, and a coalition of activists leading initiatives. Through the alchemy of transformation clients will be able to witness the infinitely recyclable capability of gold.  We can all make a difference when we ask 'where is your gold from?'

Gold jewelry in a little pot

The jewelry we cast is made with 100% recycled gold and re-refined precious metals. Recycled gold is refined back into its pure element and is the same high quality as newly mined metals, without the level of degradation to our natural resources caused by new mining. Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource.

Melting gold with fire torch

Launching on Earth Day, we are offering our customers the opportunity to create a hand-poured custom ingot from the gold or other mixed metals of their own jewelry box. Most people have an earring that never found its pair, a broken clasp or a sentimental piece that needs a new life. We are offering them the opportunity to see first-hand how gold can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality, it is a naturally renewable resource. Clients can bring their unworn pieces in to melt and watch as they are hand-poured into our ingot loaf pan and transformed into a new custom piece.

We will offer 2 appointments a day and the process is approximately
2 hours from start to finish. The service will be available starting on Earth Day (4/22) through April 29th. The ingot requires 15 grams of gold and we will offer additional recycled 18 kt gold grains at market price if needed. FoundRae will not be testing the carat of the recycled pieces, the customer is welcome to bring in their own mixture of gold of any carat.

ingot on chain