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Dissecting the Reverie Still Life - PART VII

July 2022

Dissecting the Reverie Still Life - PART VII


Symbols of pears, including a few “cheeky” pears, & an emphasis of the 7 types of love, intended to provoke the question we seldom ask ourselves:  Who are our pairs? Friends, lovers, family, chosen family… the person that nourishes us, the person that encourages us, the person that challenges us, the people that LOVE us unconditionally. We need to embrace all 7 types of love that are available to us in our lives-we get these 7 types of love from different sources in our lives and each one lights us up differently. You deserve all 7 types of love. Do not settle for less.


I felt that this tiny diamond seed in this vintage pear pendant was the perfect symbol of how we give the people we love a tiny piece of our hearts, a little seed of love, which we place carefully in their hearts with the hope that they will tend it.   You’ll find a little diamond pear seed on the back of our Pear medallion: Forever & Always, perpetually, and unceasingly bound.