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Dissecting the Reverie Still Life - PART VI

July 2022

Dissecting the Reverie Still Life - PART VI



Joris Hoefnagel: (1542-1601) illustrated butterflies as human souls; the beatings of whose wings bring us not just life but meaning to our life.  He was considered a “humanist” placing the highest value on the development of the individual and seeking emancipation of the individual soul, the psyche.   One of his greatest works is Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta: He illustrated an existing transcript of stylized calligraphy.  I love all variations of the handwritten character because it preserves the link to real human experience. 

Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta


This image is a perfect example of what collaboration means to me and how important collaboration is to the creative process at FoundRae.  Creating art is a personal expression shaped by unique life experiences that have influenced the development of a world view, natural inborn gifts, and intention.  But for me, something special happens when I open my heart and my mind to someone else’s experiences, someone else’s world view to try to see through another person’s lens is beautiful.  My creative process expands with collaboration and the result is a “new truth” that is born from it, that wouldn’t have been possible without the multiple lives that contributed to its creation. 

Open the Door.  Open the door to possibilities.  Open the door to the unknown.

Open the door to fulfillment.  Open the door and walk the path to Joy. 

PS. This butterfly is made from a fragment of a poem left by Emily Dickinson