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Cancer Season (June 21-July 20)

June 2022

Cancer Season (June 21-July 20)

Cancer, the crab, is the most in touch with their emotions. They are sensitive, dependable, protective, tenacious and caring. It makes sense that this sign is ruled by the moon. They are also the most maternal and empathic of the 12 signs. Cancers feel with their whole heart, often overwhelmed by their emotions and the emotions surrounding them, this is when the pincers come out.  Yet overall, caring for others comes to them naturally.

Cancers are the sign you go to when you need a great hug. They love to stay in, and hold their home very close to their heart. Sometimes they can become reclusive, they enjoy indoor activities; perhaps a reflection of how the crab carries its home. We can all be as mindful as most cancer, and we can also help them come out of their shell.

FoundRae Cancer playing Card front and back.