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Beth's Travel Diary V: Vienna, February 2022

April 2022

Beth's Travel Diary V: Vienna, February 2022

I found a hand drawn postcard at the flea market in Vienna Austria.

I was looking for ephemera that would inspire love, that would incite Joy.  

On 2 22 2022 (February 22) I flew to Vienna, Austria.  The date was important to me because on 2 22 1928 Carl Jung spoke at a convention in Vienna and gave the following encouragement during his speech: 

“Awaken the hidden artist who slumbers in every man.  Give him a chance to bring to light the pictures he carries unpainted within himself, to free, the unwritten poems he has shut up inside of him...become what you are”.

-Carl Jung 2/22/1928 

For me-the idea of becoming what you are, of bridging the gap of who you are on the inside and who you are on the outside, is the path to joy.  I was also so inspired by the illustrations of Joris Hoefnagel, many of which are part of the collection of the KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) 

And Moreover, we had FUN.  We laughed and laughed and laughed. We searched vintage shops and flea markets for treasures...but honestly, I could never write about the trip better than Lynn Yaeger. 

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