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Beth's Journal - REVERIE

April 2022

Beth's Journal - REVERIE

Love.... I love LOVE. And I love you. And you and I need to embrace all 7 types of love that are available to us in our lives-we get these 7 types of love from different sources in our lives and each one lights us up differently. So we added a new symbol of True Love to illustrate that; Pears; Pairs of Pears, that are forever and always a pair.

We choose our pairs; the Catalyst, the Lover, the Healer, the Fire Starter, the Friend, the Teacher, the Truthsayer, the person that is just willing to hold space for our deepest thoughts...the person that is willing to dance when you want to dance.

There is no such thing as a perfect pair; a perfect match..but Each pair comes at a time in our lives when something just feels right. These pairs of pears, we absorb them, fuse them into our own hearts, and our heart grows as a result. Friends, lovers, family, chosen family, we choose the pairs to keep as a part of our heart forever. We might not be together, but we are changed-it’s not time, it’s impact. Fused in our hearts. Forever & always, perpetually, and unceasingly bound. 

I couldn’t think of a better person than Jemima Kirke, a butterfly, to represent the launch of Reverie.

The butterfly, which is a symbol of an inextinguishable soul, is always drawn to light. I first designed this butterfly for a friend whose father had passed away.  I wanted to reassure her that although there is an end to life, there isn’t an end to love. The light of the Soul is inextinguishable, and she now carried his soul in her heart.  

But the thing is, these butterflies are not only memorial symbols. They are also a symbol of birth, and a life well lived, because a soul is all of those things -passes through all of those stages - and that is what a butterfly represents.  The very definition of metamorphosis is rooted in “meta” which means between, after...a metaphor of living between the seen and the unseen: between reality, fantasy, and memory.  

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul.  In the 2nd century AD, a beautiful allegory was written by the Roman author Apuleius depicting Psyche, Goddess of the Soul, as a butterfly.  The word “psyche” eventually came to mean in Greek both soul & butterfly interchangeably. 

Joseph Campbell spoke of the Myth of Psyche, represented as a butterfly, as the human search for what is true, meaningful and important to our souls: “an experience of being alive, so that our life experience would resonate within our innermost being and reality, so we actually feel the rapture of being alive”. 

PS. And why is there a Walkman in this still life? I have been so fortunate to maintain a very close friendship since high school with a dear friend who recently helped his parents move from his childhood home and found two cassette tapes I had given him when I was 16. 

One of them was a mixed tape that reminded me of a few of the qualities I had when I was a teenager: defiant, a risk taker (I liked that girl! Where did she go? Invite her back home!)  I’d love to share this playlist with you through Spotify.

The 2nd tape was me playing the piano which has always been such an emotional release for me. And to imagine that he was thoughtful enough to also send me a walkman in the mail so I could actually hear them!

Needless to say I just bought a baby grand piano. Playing the piano is one of those “things” that help me to get inside myself - I lose track of time, I get into the flow...and that is such an important part of Reverie: The Path to Joy.