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Beth's Journal - ONE

January 2016

Beth's Journal - ONE

One day I woke up and knew that I was not on the right path.  You know when you are

                     not on the right path when you are longing for a more meaningful

                     life,when you are giving too little time to your dreams, too little

                     energy to your creative life, too little to your family, too little to your

                     true love, too little import to what should be your life work and

                     ultimately, too little to yourself. 

When you are on the right path it leads to wholeness.  To be whole is to be complete.

                     Undiminished.  Fully connected with our essence. Mind. Body.


When you are on the right path, you can identify what should be your life work.  You

                     can recognize it when that Work isn’t working because it is what gives

                     you energy rather than takes it away.

When people start to understand what life can be had at the end of a path leading to

                     wholeness, they are ready to jump from whatever cliff they are

                     standing on, to burn the house down in order to expose the

                     foundation,  to shed the skin you have grown out of, to break the

                     rules, to refuse the roles that society has encumbered you with

                     because we are not going on any longer without wholeness,

                     without the fundamental, essential relationship with our soul. 

Love & Light,