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Beth's Journal - FIVE

June 2020

Beth's Journal - FIVE

Once we put that all together, we have a map: a map that we can share with the next


It is a map that leads us all to the truth; to our true essence.  A map that leads you to

                 connect with your soul.   Everything you want is inside of you, we

                 just have to draw it out.

I’ve re-written the map a million times in my head already, at least a thousand times on

                 paper. And if I find a shorter route, or a clearer method of

                 communication, or another symbol that can yet reach a previously

                 impenetrable darkness, I will re-write the map again. It’s a draft, a

                 working document, but it’s a start.  And everything has to start

                 with something.

Love & Light,