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Mother's Day Gift Guide
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Which of your core values, make you you and which qualities of yourself are you trying to unfold and access?

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Love is classically defined in seven parts and one of the most important is Storge, the love between a mother and a child.  No matter how much you love your partner, no matter how much you love your friends, you would not have a full heart without the love of your mother. To thank them for their guidance, I would suggest the Mind, Body, Soul symbol, three paths that represent the three pillars of life: mind, body, and soul. At the top of the paths are the three phases of the moon, representing maiden, mother, and elder, honoring the generations of women who have come before us, the mothers of our mothers who have all fought, loved, laughed, and cried to get you to You.

For the Mother-to-be: We have many custom options. You can create a single medallion with the entire family’s initials or one unique piece to celebrate the beautiful new soul in your life, such as our butterfly wings, the symbol of an inextinguishable soul that is always drawn to light, Initials and Dates can be engraved on both wings.

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