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Foundrae: the Ten Tenets

The symbols are a visual, universal language that we inherited from our ancestors and evoke deep, unconscious responses. They share inspiration, ideas, and experience, reminding us of what we already know deep inside so that our conscious and unconscious become aligned.

And with that knowledge we develop our Tenets; our beliefs. They are the cornerstones that define us as well as inspire our next chapter. There are different points in our lives where a Tenet is particularly needed in order to become the person we were really intended to be.


The Path to Joy... Floating between reality, fantasy, and memory to connect our conscious and unconscious. Seek out what lights up. Seek what gives us energy.

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Internal Compass

All change starts within and radiates outwards. The cardinal directions of the compass are in mirror-image; it’s only with self-reflection can the right path be determined.

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Because it is worth pursuing a life filled with blossoms which continue to bloom, even in darkness, against adversity.

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Strength is within. It is an ever-present, internal force we all possess but need to call on.

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Every day, every moment, we make choices, how to respond, how to move forward, and every choice is preceded by an intention. That intention drives the consequences.

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Dream forward. We can actualize our dreams.

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In the face of adversity, we need to remember that our soul is unconquerable. Yet, we need protection from our own negative thoughts.

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Love is what makes our heart beat. Love gives life meaning and purpose. Love is defined by all 7 types of love.

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Encouragement to live life passionately and fully.

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Wholeness is encouragement to seek unity within through growth and balance. Mind, Body, Soul.

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At our core is the single element that we all share; our inner light.It is the golden thread that binds us. Our “oneness” is at the center of all things and is the divine in all of us. We can listen and allow a voice for all beliefs and all experiences. We can embolden ourselves with the knowledge that we each have the light within; our purpose is to expand it.

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