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FoundRae at The Conservatory: Dallas, Texas


Located on the ground level of The Conservatory, an exciting new collaboration: FoundRae in residence at the Conservatory - a collaboration of FoundRae fine Jewelry and a curation of collectible objects from The Conservatory.
All stories have a beginning and this one starts with a tiny but tall, three-story space, in Dallas that was intended to be an elevator shaft but was never converted into one. It’s had many lives under the stewardship of Brian Bolke, first as a floral shop and most recently as an annex of the Conservatory and now, as of September 21st, it will be the Dallas home of FoundRae. 
The 500 square foot jewelry box, is like a small map room within the cocoon of a great library. This intimate space provides a cozy well of inspiration & limitless tools to create your next modern heirloom.