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Internal Compass is all about self-reflection. It is a reminder that to move forward in the right direction one must first look internally. Checking in with yourself is so important. Often, we know our truth and repress it. This tenet is a reminder to the wearer that voice inside us we try to silence is often right.

The Compass symbolizes the belief that life is a continual process of adjusting course to align better with our life purpose & beliefs. We placed the cardinal directions in mirror image because it’s only with self-reflection can each of us find what has heart & meaning in life and then determine the next step towards it.

New Beginnings

Every day the sun rises on the east. The inverse E represents New Beginnings. The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Perhaps you’re making a big decision, moving to a new city, starting a new job, welcoming a new child. All of these are new shining opportunities that illuminate a path to a new beginning.

True North

True North, your orienting point. The constant in your life. The “right” direction, the “right” choice for you. The cardinal directions are in mirror image because we deeply believe that what we all search for is within us. All change starts within and then radiates outward.

"If you feel you are searching for something that will finally make you complete, then you are off course. If you are looking outwards to find your path, then you are off course. The right path forward lives within you. "

- Creative Director, Beth Hutchens

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Astrology Internal Compass

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