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Every day and every moment, we make choices. How to respond? how to move forward? Every choice is preceded by an intention. That intention drives the consequences. To wear karma is to have a constant reminder of your intentions. You are the sum of your choices. If you live with the intention of positivity and truth, it becomes your reality. If you focus on the negative, it will devour your light.

The number 8 represents the continual of returning energy. We have a choice regarding what kind of energy we want to put out in the world. A closed loop that has no beginning or end.

On its side the 8 represents Infinity, throughout all time. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed it is important to be aware of the energy you present. Are you being your best self? If not, what is the source of this energy?

The Crescent

Latin for Crescere, to grow. As the moon changes phases, so do we, and we must make a constant effort to grow in the right direction. Focus on what is impacting and fueling changes in your life.

The law of Karma makes happiness dependent on truthfulness. I know it’s hard. Every day is a new day. Probably the hardest person to be honest with is yourself.

“How you live your life will determine the kind of life you will have.”

— Creative Director, Beth Hutchens.

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Karma affirms that the energy you pour into the world comes back to you. Use a piece of jewelry from our Karma collection to let power wash over you. With petite medallions, enamel disk drop necklaces, clip chain bracelets, and baby signet pieces, the power of good, returning energy can easily flow through you.
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