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Strength comes from within.

March 2022

Strength comes from within.

Masculine/solar energy can be defined with words like leadership, action, strength, confidence, pride, and power. Where Feminine/lunar energy is more associated with words like fluid, receptive, open, intuitive, and magnetic. I questioned whether one really could be stronger than the other. How is Strength defined?

 strength plate with strength medallion on it

Becoming aware of the different qualities of Strength that the Lion & the Tiger both represent is important. Recognizing that both masculine and feminine energy each have value, validity, and a place in our lives and how we express ourselves. I think of both the FoundRae collection and myself as a work in progress.

strength rings on every finger

These are the tools of self-expression and self-discovery that I seek myself and also share with others. But in particular, on this International Women’s day, 2022, I want to embrace the idea that we have both the Lion & Tiger inside each of us. The strength is there within us; wisdom lies in where and how we express it.