“I’m very inspired in my designs to share a language of iconic spiritual & mystical symbols that span cultures and centuries in order to illuminate the golden thread between all of us, the knowledge of which I find greatly empowering. I see each piece as a way to help communicate more openly about how each of us got here as well as what we envision our next chapter to be, in order to inspire and to help not just ourselves, but each other & the next generation to live more fulfilling lives.”

The resulting collection is highly personal yet charged with an energy and style that’s meant to empower & to be shared.

—Beth Bugdaycay, Creative Director & Co-founder

Authentic. Classic. Personal. Autobiographical. These are a few of the words used to describe the Foundrae collection, which is more than jewelry: they are modern heirlooms, ones that allow the wearer to express something highly personal to the world.

And like all heirlooms, these pieces tell a story. The story they tell is both ancient—for what is more timeless than our personal quests for inner peace, for love, for strength?—as well as highly relevant. We believe that every one of us has the ability to gather wisdom from the journeys we take, and to use that wisdom to become braver, bolder and whole. Foundrae is a reminder, one we wear against our hearts or on our hands, of our capacity for change and growth. When you wear one of these pieces, you are announcing to yourself and to the world that everything you want and everything you want to be is already there. All you have to do is claim it.


Foundrae was co-founded by husband and wife, Murat and Beth Bugdaycay in 2015. The Foundrae collection is based on a lexicon of symbols that they culled from a variety of cultures and time periods with the intention to create an inclusive language that not only appeals to the individuality of the modern consumer, but that also celebrates a set of values that is greater than the value of the gold itself.