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    Wholeness encourages us to seek unity within through growth and balance and to see the snake as a talisman of rejuvenation. Coupled with our white champleve petite medallion, the snake on the smaller medallion is our version of an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of unity depicting a snake eating its own tail. White represents wholeness because it is the result of all of the primary colors of light (red/blue/green) in complete balance. It easily but firmly clicks open and shut with our annex link so you can take away the enameled medallion on some days or open it up and add your own charms. A very versatile necklace.

    Includes 2 medallions:
    15mm medallion with single diamond & 15mm champleve petite medallion on 18" of chain length to jump ring plus additional 1" extension. 1 annex link.

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