Garlanded Horseshoe Ring

As low as $4,995.00

This horseshoe is intended to wear right side up, like a cup, to symbolize the abundance we already have in our lives. We don’t need luck, instead we need to recognize the blossoms that bloom.

18 kt gold

Diamond wt: .035 ct

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There is no universal “right way” to hang a horseshoe, whether it’s facing up or down, it varies by culture and region with meanings of luck, fortune & protection. . The horseshoe has been a symbol of protection since the time of the rise of the blacksmith, particularly valued for the properties of the metal its made with, iron, that withstands the fires of adversity & negativity. And it also is a symbol of luck, prosperity & abundance. For Foundrae, we liken the upwards facing horseshoe to a cup and fill it with blossoms as a reminder of the abundance we already have.
Abundance. Like a cap, this horseshoe is filled with blossoms.
Our happiness is determined not by what “happens” to us, but by our perceptions about our life.