Protection Short-stack Signet

As low as $3,495.00

We chose the Scarab for our Protection collection to shield the wearer...but the reality is that I don’t think we need to be shielded from a malevolent outside source. I believe we need protection from our own negative thoughts. The ones that say, “you can’t do it” or something similar and prevent us from using our energy to build more productive and positive aspects of our lives.

18 kt gold

Diamond wt: .015 ct

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The Scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Khepera, a form of the Sun God, who transforms inert matter into action, creates life and is a powerful protector.
Symbols are the language of the subconscious. They serve as a vehicle for bringing the inner-life & longings to light.
The inverted triangle is a symbol of the classical Water Element. It traditionally represents feminine energy which speaks not just to the female gender but to qualities of emotion and tenderness..,I see it as a well of feminine energy to dip into for support.