Sun Wide Band

As low as $2,630.00

The Sun Wide Band is punctuated by a small sun symbol in the center which is a reference to our inner light.

18kt gold

Diamond wt: .015 ct

Champlevé enamel: an ancient enameling technique in which troughs are cast in the gold and filled with vitreous enamel. The piece is fired until the enamel fuses with the gold and is then polished until smooth.

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The Sun symbol is one of our references to inner light. Inner light is the spiritual core that is in all of us and the golden thread that unites us.
The 2nd collection included the tenets of passion, true love & resilience. All highly emotional tenets filled with beauty & passion but also punctuated by vulnerability, darkness & doubt. We felt the duality, these extreme highs & lows, that make life rich, was important to express. It’s for this reason that we chose colors of darkness and light, to create a moody, intense palette: black, Bordeaux, blush & cream.
When designing the core collection, we chose the primary colors of light (green, blue & red) rather than the primary colors of pigment color theory (yellow, blue & red) as another reference to “light”. In light color theory, the primary colors of green, blue and red have to be in complete balance to achieve white, which is the color we chose to represent wholeness. The absence of light creates black, which felt appropriate for Dream.