tenet/ˈtɛnɪt; ˈtiːnɪt/n.: a tenet is a principle or belief. Each tenet is composed of multiple symbols. synonyms: principle, belief, doctrine, creed, conviction, idea, view, position, ideology.


is within. We all have it, but sometimes it wanes, and sometimes we really need to call on it. The Strength collection reminds us that it is there. The lion symbolizes strength, dignity, passion & self-confidence. The star represents energy & divine guidance. There is no strength without direction.


Every day, every moment, we make choices. We have a choice regarding what kind of energy we want to put out there in the world. The number 8 represents the continual of returning energy. On its side, the 8 stands for infinity. The Crescent moon, was chosen for its Latin root word, crescere, to grow. Reminding us that every day is a new day to grow inwardly by seeking truth and enlightenment.


Dream forward. We can actualize our dreams. The divine triangle is often associated with pyramids, arrowheads and sacred mountains, it is also the fire sign in the classical elements. It represents the journey of self-discovery, transformation & ascension. The arrow inspires us to powerfully launch forward and make the dream happen. The crown in the cigar band celebrates the success. The star provides energy & divine guidance.



The Scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Khepera, a form of the Sun God, who transforms inert matter into action, creates life and is a powerful protector. I chose the Scarab for our Protection collection to shield the wearer…but the reality is that I don’t think we need to be shielded from a malevolent outside source. I believe we need protection from our own negative thoughts. The ones that say, “you can’t do it” or something similar and prevent us from using our energy to build more productive and positive aspects of our lives. Within the Protection tenet we also use 3 additional symbols: the pyramid, inverted triangle & horseshoe. To combine the Ancient Eastern symbol of the scarab with the classical element signs that represent Fire & Water, as well as the horseshoe is a deliberate modern fusion of cultures and eras. The pyramid represents transformation. The inverted triangle, the Water Element, traditionally represents a feminine energy and I see it as a well of feminine energy to dip into for support. The horseshoe is also a symbol of protection, particularly valued for the properties of the metal its made with, iron, that withstands the fires of adversity & negativity.


Wholeness is encouragement to seek unity within through growth and balance. An Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a snake eating it’s own tail, symbolizes the experience of unity. Snakes have been revered as talismans of rejuvenation, as they shed their skin to grow; just as we need continued growth to find balance. To aid the continued growth is a crescent moon, for its Latin root word, crescere, a Fire triangle to indicate transformation and a star for energy & divine guidance.


Encouragement to live life passionately and fully. With wings we are creatures of the limitless sky. No longer earthbound, with wings we fly. Two arrows cross to form a new whole; a union of friendship, of love, that didn’t exist separately as well as the indication of a new crossroads led by choosing a life filled with passion. A star for energy & divine guidance.


A True Love Knot, also known as Bowen’s Knot, is a heraldic knot representing the connectivity of true love. Number 7 is an auspicious number across all cultures indicating completion and a tribute to the seven types of love. Spark, a reminder that it just takes a spark to begin a lifelong journey of True Love.
Eros: Romantic love Philia: Friendship Agape: Universal love
Storge: The love between parents and children Ludus: Playful love
Pragma: Love founded on duty & reason Philautia: Self-love


Resilience. Wild, abundant and untamed, the blossoms are fed with passion. But we can’t separate the flower from its thorn. The Thorn is the risk we assume for something we love, for living life fully without reserve. The upright horseshoe, likened to a full cup, is a reminder of the abundance we already have, filled with blossoms which continue to bloom, even in darkness, against adversity.


Course Correction. All change starts within and then radiates outward. The Compass symbolizes the belief that life is a continual process of adjusting course to align better with our life purpose & beliefs. The E represents the cardinal direction East and symbolizes new beginnings. The origin of the symbolic meaning of East is quite ancient and comes from the observation of the sunrise in the East each new day. We placed the cardinal directions in mirror image, because it’s only with self-reflection can each of us find what has heart & meaning in life and then determine the next step towards it.