Protection Thin Band

As low as $1,295.00

Our Protection thin band is a reminder that we do more harm to ourselves than others do to us. We need to have self-compassion.

18kt gold

Champlevé enamel: an ancient enameling technique in which troughs are cast in the gold and filled with vitreous enamel. The piece is fired until the enamel fuses with the gold and is then polished until smooth.

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Our Protection tenet is intended to shield the wearer...but the reality is that I don’t think we need to be shielded from a malevolent outside source. I believe we need protection from our own negative thoughts. The ones that say, “you can’t do it” or something similar and prevent us from using our energy to build more productive and positive aspects of our lives. Use this band as a reminder, like a string tied around your finger, that your energy can be better spent in constructive ways.
Each band can be worn on its own or stacked.
Our happiness is determined not by what “happens” to us, but by our perceptions about ourselves & our lives.