Sun & Moon Vestige Crest



solar/lunar masculine/feminine  yin/yang  fire/water

All people have elements of ambition, energy and fight as well as qualities that have a softer, fluid, accepting and receptive side.  They each have a purpose, a function in developing our human potential and spirituality.  Only when we find the right balance, the synthesis of both, do we become whole. The challenge is individual.  We must each, personally, undertake and accomplish this rebalancing.

Product Details:
  • 24mm tall x 24.5mm wide
  • 18kt gold


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The biggest danger to enamel is cracking due to the impact of dropping it on hard surfaces. Wrap enamel jewelry in a soft cloth before storing to prevent the glass enamel from sustaining chips or scratches from your other jewelry. If damage occurs, we will gladly repair the piece for you. Shine enamel with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water. Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on jewelry, and do not wear your gold or enameled pieces in a swimming pool. Chlorine can damage gold, causing it to pit or become brittle. Gold pieces can be polished by your local jeweler.

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