Wholeness Medallion on Medium Belcher Chain

As low as $5,250.00

Wholeness is encouragement to seek unity within through growth and balance. 20mm medium medallion on our medium belcher chain in the length of 20”

There are three gauges of belcher chain used within each necklace. The small belcher side is 15 links per inch, the medium belcher side is 9 links per inch and the 1” extension is made from our largest belcher at 6 links per inch.

18 kt gold

Diamond weight: .005 ct

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Snakes have been revered as talismans of rejuvenation, as they shed their skin to grow; just as we need continued growth to find balance. To aid the continued growth is a crescent moon, for its Latin root word, crescere, a Fire triangle to indicate transformation and a star for energy & divine guidance.
Using a language of iconic spiritual and mystical symbols as well as letters and numbers, create a piece that communicates how you got here, what fills your heart as well as what the next chapters will be.
Add additional chapters to your story with the click of an annex link or we can solder it on at your request.