Crescent Symbol Champleve Medallion on 20” Medium Belcher Chain

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The symbol of the Crescent Moon , was chosen for its Latin root word, crescere, to grow. It Reminds us that every day is a new day to grow inwardly by seeking truth and enlightenment. 20mm medium medallion soldered on our 20” medium belcher chain. There are three gauges of belcher chain used within each necklace. The small belcher side is 15 links per inch, the medium belcher side is 9 links per inch and the 1” extension is made from our largest belcher at 6 links per inch.

18 kt gold

Diamond weight: .19 ct

Champlevé enamel: an ancient enameling technique in which troughs are cast in the gold and filled with vitreous enamel. The piece is fired until the enamel fuses with the gold and is then polished until smooth.

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The Crescent moon in blue is part of our Karma & Wholeness Tenest.
Our medallions utilize a system of symbols that memorialize the experiences and qualities that are necessary to claim life as your own: A sense of Strength. The ability to Dream. Protection against the negative. A belief in Karma. And the necessity of growth—even if it’s accompanied by risk—to achieve Wholeness.
Add additional chapters to your story with the click of an annex link or we can solder it on at your request.