Golden Strength Key on 27" Classic Fob clip chain

As low as $6,925.00

Strength is within. Our Classic Fob clip chain is 2.5 links per inch and solid 18 kt gold. It is 27” long to the center jumpring. Soldered onto the center jumpring is our functional Strength key with an 18 kt bow and brass shank. The key measures 47mm long and can be taken to a lock smith and cut to fit any lock. Diamond weight: ____ct.

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A Golden Key is soldered on our Classic Fob clip chain. Choose between our Dream key presenting “dreaming forward” or the Strength key as a reminder that strength is within.
The top part of the key is 18 kt gold, also known as “ the bow” it is the part of the key that is left protruding out of the lock.
The bottom part of our Golden Key has a brass bit, or blade, which is the end that the locksmith cuts to fit in the lock. You can bring this key to your local locksmith or else cut a duplicate of your key and send it to us with your order.