Dotted Annex Link


Our dotted annex link is intended to be a tool to provide flexibility. You can add an additional medallion to an existing base necklace simply by clicking it on.

Outside diameter: 11.1mm inside diameter: 8.35 mm. Height with dot of thickness: 2mm Suggested to utilize with jumprings 3mm and larger. All of our jumprings accomodate the size.

18 kt gold

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Tools to allow you to click on secondary charms to your base necklace.
We love the flexibility that you can switch out the smaller medallions on your necklace and want you to have as much flexibility as possible. For medium or large sized medallions, please refer to our guard chains or chubby annex links or contact a sales associate for further support. The dotted annex link and classic annex link are not intended to function as closures for a necklace, they are for adding a piece to an exisdting necklace.
Each annex link is designed to support the weight of one of any petite or baby medallions as well as diamoint point initials and any of our smaller charms. (weight less than 5 grams)