Horseshoe Baby Signet

As low as $1,995.00

We liken the upwards facing horseshoe to a cup and see it as a reminder of the abundance we already have and we use the downward facing horseshoe as a reminder to shield ourselves, as if it were an umbrella, from any negative down-pouring we may unleash on ourselves! This style is only available in sizes 3-5.

18 kt gold

Diamond wt: .036 ct

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The horseshoe is a symbol of protection, particularly valued for the properties of the metal its made with, iron, that withstands the fires of adversity & negativity. And it also is a symbol of luck, prosperity & abundance. There is no universal “right way” to hang a horseshoe, whether it’s facing up or down, it varies by culture and region.
Each piece tells your story with the symbols you choose. They are modern heirlooms, ones that allow you to express something of yourself to the world.
Classic & timeless.