Animal Stud




Symbolic meanings of the Rooster are as wide-ranging & diverse as individuals are, but most cultures see the Rooster associated with the sun, a sign of illumination, a messager, calling out to us, walking us from the sleep of just existing rather than being.


A Tiger conjures images of fierceness and great beauty.  Like the Lion, there is nobility, power & authority but the Tiger is also receptive and alert.


The Elephant is associated with wisdom, experience & good fortune.  They are a matriarchal society, highly social and compassionate, and also considered to be a symbol of loyalty & family.


The Sparrow, to pictorially represent its homophone “Spero”, Latin for Hope. Choose to hold onto hope. Dum Spiro Spero: As long as I breathe, I hope.


The Horse represents the unconquerable. In the face of adversity, the Latin word Invictus bolsters us. We can be hurt physically, financially, emotionally; yet our soul is unconquerable.


The ram has been a long held symbol of perseverance, determination, leadership and authority.


Rabbits are symbols of abundance and love.


The Snake is valued as a talisman of rejuvenation. In order to grow, it must shed its skin.

Product Details:
  • 8mm wide
  • 18kt solid
  • Sold individually
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