Care Instructions


Our enamel jewelry is made by a technique called champlevé enamel; multiple layers of glass are heat fused into a trough of 18kt gold and then polished until the enamel is flush with the gold. This process is also known as “hot enamel”, “French enamel” or “vitreous enamel” and is a superior process to “cold enamel” which is applied to the surface of the metal and more prone to chipping rather than fused into a trough. The champleve enamel process dates back to the 13th century BC. Naturally occurring minerals are heated to temperatures between 2000-2400 F until molten glass forms and then its rapidly cooled. This firing process gives champleve enamel is unique combination of properties. There are many surviving examples of jewelry and sculpture made with champleve enamel from as far back as the Byzantine era, so the extra time you spend considering care, storage and cleaning will ensure your jewelry as well remains in excellent condition for generations to come.


The biggest danger to enamel is cracking due to high impact directly to the piece or due to dropping it. Handle jewelry carefully when putting it on or taking it off. If it does crack, it can be repaired by a skilled enamelist. We prefer to make any repairs to damaged Foundrae pieces ourselves. If damage occurs, please contact the retail establishment where you purchased your piece.


Wrap enamel jewelry in tissue paper or a soft cloth before storing to prevent the glass enamel from sustaining chips or scratches from your other jewelry.

Shine it with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water
Keep the shine by wiping the enamel and high polished surfaces with a soft cloth to remove dirt and smudges. Microfiber cloths work quite well. You can also rinse with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to pat dry.


Do not wear while using harsh chemicals, household cleaners. Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on jewelry, and do not wear your gold or enameled pieces in a swimming pool. Chlorine can damage gold, causing it to pit or become brittle.