Bespoke Commission Work

Since the conception of Foundrae, we have seen the collection as tools for our customer to create a very personal reflection of oneself. We are hoping that the exploration of finding the symbols that resonate with you is in itself a practice of both self-discovery & self-expression. Every part of the collection is conceived to give the customer the ability to customize the final look so it is tailored specifically to tell their story, whether it’s adding a 2nd chapter to a necklace or the way a stack of rings is worn. Our intention is that the final piece empowers the wearer and leads to meaningful exchanges.

By offering bespoke commission work, we are offering our customers the ability to even further customize their collection by using our language of spiritual and mystical symbols as well as letters, numbers & gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece in a unique combination specific to them & the opportunity to work directly with the designer, Beth Bugdaycay. In store only, utilizing our custom stamps and templates, our process gives the reigns of creation directly to our customer.


Please contact [email protected] to book an appointment.