Beth: If you were going to describe your life as a book, how many chapters would it be?

Liza: Maybe fourteen, cause it's my lucky number.  I have spent enough time here to have a good idea who I am but still have plenty to learn about myself and what this universe has to offer.

Beth: I often describe our tenets and symbols as a way to represent a deep value that you hold or to inspire the next chapter, which one resonates the most with you?

Liza: Dream. You have to dream. Dreaming is magic. Dreaming is psychedelic. You could almost say the order is dream it, set the goal, and make a plan to make your dream a reality. Some of my dreams are exactly what I wished for. Some experiences pale even my wildest dreams. And others are mixed and muddled up with things that aren't so pleasant. There certainly have been serious ups and downs. That is life. Here is where the gratitude part comes in and I am actively working on that everyday. Having the gratitude to be here now and experience it all










Beth: Since you are yourself creator, how you do you think that informs your assortment for Broken English?

Laura: I’m always impressed with people who throw caution to the wind and put their creativity out in the world; whether it is song, art, jewelry, furniture. I know how hard it is to tap into that source and be confident enough to take the risk. There is a vulnerability in exposing your creativity. Over the years ive been blessed with working with so many designers. For me, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. There is an endless amount of talent - It’s not easy to choose

Beth: You are very familiar with our tenets. Which tenet resonates the most with you?

Laura: That is the beauty in Foundrae. All of the tenets resonate at one point or another. It’s the balance of all of them where you find true peace and happiness. I look at them all and it’s like my legacy. The moments and milestones I’ve experienced. It’s impossible to choose just one

Beth: If you were going to describe your entire life as a book, which chapter would you be on right now?

Laura: I think I’m at the halfway mark. Things are just starting to get interesting. The beauty in getting older is you start to grow into yourself. I’ve been through some peaks and valleys. It’s all about the journey. Once you know better you can do better



Michelle M.







Beth: If you were going to divide your life into a book, how many chapters would it be so far?

Mo: (softly counting to himself) Seven. I’m on the 7th which is amazing. B/c your entire body’s cells change every 7    years, you’re completely remade. A completely new you. So, yeah, wow.  That’s where I’m

Beth: Do you know anything about your elements? Are you interested in that?

Mo:Yah. Definitely, (emphatically). I have something else to say. I want to say that it all starts with Gratitude. Find something in your life to be happy about now. You can’t think, “later, when I’ve got that” then I’ll have gratitude. It has  to be now because you can’t move forward without gratitude. If you can’t find Gratitude now, then it will always be in front of you and out of reach.